Goddess Kicks

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Goddess KicksCONTENT: Videos, images

PRICE: 29.95(USD) for 30 days then $26.95(USD) recurring every 30 days

DESCRIPTION: Hard ballbusting videos of gorgeous women kicking men in the groin.

Goddess-Kicks is made by stunning women who love to use their sexy feet to have some fun. These gorgeous girls love teasing on guys and kicking some ‘egos’. Goddess-Kicks is made by women who enjoy ballkicking, ballbusting, trampling, CBT and femdom as much as probably you.

These beautiful young girls love ballbusting, so they target mainly the most vulnerable area: his groin. You’ll see lots of kicking right in the nuts. These awesome looking girls love to dress sexy, wearing on fashion high heel shoes and boots, most of them with lethal spike high heels. And they know how to use these dangerous, sexy weapons to fight and kick even harder. Ballkicking, ballbusting, kneeing, and even slaps to his face, punching, trample, face standing, … whatever these gorgeous women feel in the mood to do, in order to make him fall down to the floor in pure agony and surrender. Take care, these girls may look sexy and stunningly attractive, but they love to go sadistic on rude men and laugh at his weak nature when they hit the proper button: his vulnerable area. Believe it or not, the action is real, and this can happen to you, if you don’t treat them right.

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  3. marc Says:

    I love Goddess-Kicks ballbusting videos.
    At Goddess-Kicks girls love to bust men’s balls in high heels, which is the kind of ballbusting videos I love.
    I have roughly counted the videos I’ve seen and we have there over 15,000 kicks to the balls. And over 12,000 of them are kicks to the balls in stilettos.
    To get a list of Goddess-Kicks ballbusting videos in heels Goddess-Kicks ballbusting videos in heels type heels on Goddess-Kicks search tool and you’ll find out. Or whatever else kind of ballbusting topic you like.

  4. Cameron Says:

    I have been on goddess-kicks too. I am not a member yet, but the videos I can watch are amazing. I have been ballbusted, but, these girls are BRILLIANT

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